2017 DSU LINC+ FAIR Hosted by LINC+ Enterprise Organization

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관리자 2017-12-11 16:57

Various booths at the fair, including the regional cooperation booth and the LINC+ Enterprise Organization cooperative university booth

Dongseo University’s LINC+ Enterprise Organization held the 2017 DSU LINC+ FAIR in the U-IT and New Millennium buildings from November 30 to December 1. Jekuk Chang, President of DSU; Song Sook-hee, Head of the Sasang District Office; Yoon Jung-guk, President of the Gimhae Arts and Sports Center; Gap-joon Lee, Vice-president of Busan Consulting along with many other honored guests and dignitaries participated in the fair. The goal of the exhibition was to highlight the ways in which universities in the Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC+) contribute to the development of communities and address trends of the fourth industrial revolution.

The main exhibition was held in the central lobby on the sixth floor of the U-IT building. The joint university gallery of LINC+ Enterprise Organization included Keimyung University, Donggkuk University, Honam University, the regional cooperation booth, the family company booth, the local government booth, and the Gimhae-Gaya cultural booth. Also, ClassSelling was exhibited as a model of excellent industry-university cooperation.

Several seminars were held throughout the fair, including the commercial capital consulting forum for the family company, the strategy seminar for the fourth industrial revolution and intellectual property, and the fourth industrial revolution IT fusion seminar. On display in the central lobby of the New Millennium building were 120 capstone design works made by students participating in the LINC+ program in 2017.

According to Jo Dae-su, Head of the DSU LINC+ Enterprise Organization, “The fair was held to develop and spread the leading model of industry-university cooperation for co-living and development in our community.” He added, “We are going to find ways of responding effectively to the fourth industrial revolution, of contributing to our community and of identifying how the DSU LINC+ Enterprise Organization should proceed in the next 5 years.”