MOCA Internet Station Begins Broadcasting

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관리자 2017-12-14 15:29

Dongseo University has established a new internet station to broadcast news and commentary on current events, arts, culture, media, etc. The site ( features automatic translation into 13 languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese.

After two and half years of operational tests, the opening ceremony for MOCA was held in DSU’s Sohyang Art Center on December 5.

Dongseo University President, Jekuk Chang; Dongseo Educational Foundation Chancellor, Park Dong Soon; Dean of Media Communication, Kim Hyun; and Chairman of the Busan Contents Market Executive Committee, Koo Jong-sang took part in the MOCA opening ceremony along with professors and students.

Dongseo University President Jekuk Chang said in his opening speech that MOCA will spread far and wide and become a major global internet broadcasting station.

Busan Daily News President, An Byung-gil; Kukje Daily News General Director, Song Moon-suk; iKNN President, Gu Hyung-mo; Busan English Broadcast Station Director, Choi Yong-boo; Busan CBS President, Moon Young-ki; Korea Media Rating Board Chairperson Lee Kyung-sook; Busan Cultural Foundation President, Yoo Jong-mok; Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency President, Seo Tae-gu; and Busan Museum Director, Lee Won-bok took part in the opening ceremony.

MOCA stands for Media Outlet Content Arena and is an OTT (Over The Top) public interest service providing free premium internet content. All content is produced by the media outlet of DSU’s Media Communication Division.

MOCA began broadcasting on December 5 with over 300 different contents on Korean current events, arts, culture, media, etc. The website automatically translates into 13 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese and Dutch, making it the only broadcasting station with such a function at Dongseo University.

Dean of Media Communication Kim Hyun said, “MOCA broadcasting has been established for students to experience all sectors of planning, making, and distributing broadcasting contents.” He added, “We are going to spread our contents like a sweet, fragrant MOCA (mocha) coffee.”

Dongseo University President Jekuk Chang said at the opening ceremony, “I am glad the internet broadcasting station MOCA is now open at our university. It is the result of students’ determined efforts, and I want to thank all the students and professors who were involved. Also, I appreciate that so many busy people could be here today as our guests. In fact, MOCA (Mocha) is also the name of a port city in the Middle East. The coffee we now know by that name was first exported to Europe from this port back in medieval times; after that, it spread to the rest of the world. Although our MOCA is small now, I am sure that it too will spread to the world. The work of our students and professors will be seen and heard in the global community, in places like Africa and Europe and elsewhere. I hope our students and professors will do their best to help MOCA become a major internet broadcasting station.”