GKS for Latin American Students

Dongseo Univesity (DSU) has been selected as a host institution of the ‘2018 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for African and Latin American Undergraduate Students.’ And DSU is especially designated as a university to invite undergraduate students from Latin America Region. It's a scholarship program and student don't have to pay any money except for his/her visa application fee.

Please refer to the brief information as follows,


* Program Information

 - Period: July 9 (Mon) ~ Aug 10 (Fri), 2018

 - Number of participants: 20 undergraduate students from Latin America

 - Training Field: ICT Convergence

 - Benefit: Round airfare, Accommodation, Meals, Tuition Fee and traveler’s insurance will be provided to the students

 - Application Deadline: April 13, 2018

- How to select students:

  DSU will select and nominate 24 students to the Korean Government Office (NIIED) and NIIED will make a decision for the final 20 students.

After receiving application by scanned copies, DSU will request students to submit their application form in original hard copies when students are finally selected.

- DSU website:

- Scholarship information from the Government Website:


Through this training program, we will provide in-depth academic training and invaluable experience in Korea. The program seeks to nurture future leaders who will contribute to the development of global society and to friendship between Korea and student’s home country.

* Major courses: Raspberry Pi & IoT, VR, Computer Vision, AI and Digital Forensic

   - Students will make a team and make a successful project in the end of the program.

   - Students will visit Field Trips and IT related Business Complex.

 * Korean Language

   - Participate in the basic Korean language class.

   - Field Trips and cultural programs will be provided.

 * Extra Activities

   - City Tour, Culture Activities, Sports Activites will be provided almost every day!