Dongseo University Students Sweep Busan Fashion Design Competition

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관리자 2018-11-06 14:51

This year, the “25th Busan Fashion Design Competition,” held in BEXCO on October 4, was a feast of awards for DSU Department of Design students, who took the Grand Prize, the Gold Prize, and several Bronze Prizes.

This follows from and continues the similar successes of last year’s DSU entrants, who took the Grand Prize, the Gold Prize, the Silver Prize, and the Bronze Prize at the “24th Busan Fashion Design Competition.”

The competition, co-hosted by the Busan Metropolitan City Council and the Busan Fashion Textile Industry Cooperative Association, involved a first round in which entrants submitted designs, from which 40 were selected for the second round. In the second and final round, the completed outfits of those 40 were presented with models on a fashion runway.

Gwak Na-gyeong, a Junior majoring in Fashion Design, was the recipient of the Grand Prize for her entry Alpha Girl; she also received 5 million won. In the concept for her winning entry, 'Alpha girl' means a strong woman with a challenging spirit. The dress emphasizes the waist line and the inner suit is reminiscent of a corset, emphasizing femininity, while the exaggerated shoulders and over-sized silhouette of the layered braided skirts encapsulate a feeling of postmodernism. In contrast, the waist and arm parts of the suede straps are braided, giving a solid and tough armor-like feeling that is in contradistinction to the gentle impression one gains from first seeing the front.

Im Yae-sul, a Senior, received the for the gold prize and 3 million won in prize money for her entry entitled Arrogance.  It expresses the arrogance of a Griffin, a symbol of pride, and emphasizes the harmony of Eastern silhouettes and Western details.

Bronze Prizes were won by Kim Shi-mon (Senior) for  Sloth, expressing the theme of laziness; by Kim Hye-rim (Junior) for Poor Neighbourhood, expressing its warmth; by Choi Hwang-gyu (Senior) for Oriental Devil, Black Sheep; by Indonesian Exchange Student Tabita (Senior) for Imposed; and by Heo Ji-ho for Sporty: Fusion Ethnic.

Of receiving her prize, Gwak Na-gyeong  said, "I am very glad that my first work received the top award in the very first contest I entered. I want to build upon my success by gaining overseas fashion experience through K-MOVE (a DSU overseas employment support program) in the future, and I ultimately want to create my own brand. "

Tabita said, "I have learned a lot from my study in Korea so far, and have especially come to appreciate that while Indonesian fashion is generally very casual and akin to daily clothes, Korean fashion has lots of artistic elements,” adding that “I am also very glad that I have finished my four year study abroad experience with this award."