2018-2 International Student Closing Ceremony & 2018 International Culture Night

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관리자 2019-01-23 11:40

Students from over 60 countries gathered to celebrate the end of the 2018 fall semester at the 2018-2 International Student Closing Ceremony & 2018 International Culture Night held at Dongseo University’s Sohyang Art Hall on December 20. The event was organized by the Global Studies Institute (GSI), which is responsible for international students at DSU. More than 400 people attended the event, including foreign undergraduate and graduate students, Korean GSI and Global English Program participants, and professors from GSI and English language courses. The international cultural event was created to promote bonding and a sense of belonging for DSU students, to foster harmony through voluntary participation, to enhance the attractiveness of studying at Dongseo University, to foster more communication activities in the GSI, and to form the basis for an alumni association after graduation. The event’s closing ceremony included traditional musical performances by nine teams from 10 different countries, as well as professors' greetings, awards, and a closing address.
The international students who took part in the event were from 64 countries including Ghana, Guatemala, Nigeria, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, the United States, Bulgaria, Brazil, Algeria, Sweden, Uganda, India, Japan, China, Chile, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Paraguay and Finland. Dongseo University plans to increase its number of international students from 1,100 currently to 1,500 by 2020.