News Dongseo Students Leave for Overseas Training Through Honor Society Program

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2020-02-10 15:43

This January, a total of 14 students from DSU left Korea for overseas universities to get training and increase their global experience through the Dongseo Honor Society Program.

On this 11th iteration of the program, 12 students departed on January 15 for Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Kansas in the United States, to return on May 17 having completed an international credit training course. Specifically, they will receive 12 credits in English from FHSU in addition to 2 credits earned online through DSU’s E-Class.

As well as covering tuition costs, DSU provides both residence and living expenses for students studying at Fort Hays State University.

Also through the Dongseo Honor Society Program, on December 30 two DSU students from the Division of Computer Engineering began the first semester at the University of Oulo in Oulo, Finland, in their case focusing on subjects related to their majors. Due to return on May 31, their airfare, accommodation, tuition, and meal expenses are to be covered by Dongseo University.