Science Program’s Quality Acknowledged Through Busan Student Dream Center Certification

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관리자 2020-03-11 15:58

In recognition of its excellent science career experience program, DSU has been designated as a ‘Busan Student Dream Center’ by the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education.

In particular, DSU’s science and engineering career program for middle and high school girls, run in collaboration with the Korea Center for Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology (WISET) and based on the 'Industry 4.0 Lab,' was noted for its high quality and excellent educational results. Last year, more than 2,800 middle- and high-school girls participated in the program.

The designation of ‘Busan Student Dream Center’ is a certification mark awarded to academic institutions in the Busan Metropolitan region that operate the program to high standards. The certification period is from 2020 to 2022, and DSU was the only four-year university in the region upon which it was granted.

As well as providing participating students with practical career guidance and lectures on science and engineering, the program also includes various creative engineering experience programs such as 3D maker engineering, robot engineering, drone engineering, hologram production, acoustic interface production, and hydrogen electric vehicle production. In addition, more in-depth programs that provide yet more support and guidance for students’ potential career paths include Girls' Engineering Weeks, the Youth Animation Camp, the Salon Einstein Camp, and the 3D Maker Challenge Camp. Also noteworthy is the direct involvement of mentors with science, technology, and/or educational expertise and experience.

Ji Yong-seok, Head of the DSU WISET program, said, “Through the boost of our Busan Student Dream Center certification, we will continue to expand our career guidance and creative engineering experience programs, and endeavor to continually further design and present our vision of science and engineering education.”

The Korea Center for Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology operates various programs, such as capacity building education. The specific DSU WISET program is operated under the additional support of the Science and Technology Promotion Fund, the Busan Metropolitan City Council, and DSU.