News Dongseo University Selected for Laboratory Entrepreneurship Project

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2020-05-04 16:30

Dongseo University has been selected as a host institution for the '2020 Laboratory Specialized Entrepreneurship University Project.'
Organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and ICT, seven tertiary institutions nationwide have been selected for this project, with only DSU selected in the southeastern region. Through its selection, DSU will receive financial support of up to 900 million won a year for the 2020 to 2022 period, with the aim of enabling a focus on discovering and nurturing in-house laboratory start-ups.
Building upon and linking to DSU’s participation in a previous initial start-up package project run by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, which ends in 2020, this lab-led entrepreneurship project is focused on promoting technology-intensive entrepreneurship at universities, in order that the fruits of their research and expertise can be practically realized through patents and commercialization. In so doing, it takes advantage of the hard work that has led to DSU already becoming a hub for start-up support, with DSU’s specific government support package being directed towards such sub-projects as the 'Laboratory Specialized Business Startup University Business' and the 'Laboratory Start-Up Innovator Training Project.'
Through these initiatives, DSU plans to continue to provide sustained and differentiated, omni-directional support for DSU entrepreneurship. In addition, based on the core strategies 'LVT-based Technology-Intensive Start-Up Base Construction' and 'Two-track Investment Linking Step-up,’ further specialized programs such as ‘Start-up Space,’ ‘Institutional Innovation,’ ‘Investment Attraction,’ ‘Start-up Culture Activation,’ and ‘Practical Start-up Training Through Operation and Promotion of Six Strategies for Nurturing Laboratory Start-ups,’ DSU will do its utmost to discover and nurture excellent laboratory start-ups involving its faculty, students, and graduates.
Interested representatives of start-ups that have been founded within the last three years are invited to apply to participate in the various programs by visiting the Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ K-Startup homepage ( and selecting ‘DSU’ in their applications.