Dongseo University Hosts the GKS Summer Program for Latin American Undergraduate Students

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최고관리자 2018-07-23 09:53

Dongseo University is hosting the 2018 GKS Summer Program for Latin American Undergraduate Students from July 9 to August 10. Twenty students from 11 countries including Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Peru are participating the training program teaching advanced ICT technology.

The training program is subsidized by the National Institute of International Education (NIIED), of the Korean Ministry of Education, to attract international students for global talent development. The NIIED pays for students’ airfare and insurance fees, as well as training and operations expenses. The major programs are Korean Language, History and Culture (40 hours); Raspberry Pi & IoT, Digital Forensics, AI, VR & Computer Vision (150 hours).

The program is aimed at students from Latin America and the Caribbean who have completed more than four semesters in computer science, content engineering and digital/multimedia design. The program’s goal is to help those students understand the ICT industry in Korea so that they may transfer advanced ICT technology effectively to better develop global talent.