Top Ranking in University Employment and Entrepreneurship Capacity Evaluation

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관리자 2018-12-18 16:35

The results of the 2018 University Employment and Entrepreneurship Capacity Evaluation were recently released by Korea’s leading economic newspaper The Korea Economic Daily, and Dongseo University was ranked first among four-year universities in Busan, Ulsan and the Gyeongnam region for its graduates’ business start-up success. The evaluation was conducted by the Korea Economic Daily as well as the research firms Global Research and Campus Job & Joy; it rated 295 institutions of higher education, including 162 four-year universities and 133 community colleges, based on eight data points related to employment and entrepreneurship. Dongseo University was ranked fourth in the nation, and first in the Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam regions, in the ratio of start-up businesses per graduate. Overall, DSU ranked 15th (13th among private universities) in the country, and 3rd in the Daegu, Gyeongbuk, Gangwon, Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam regions.
These results of this study, which were presented as universities nationwide are working hard to improve the employment and entrepreneurship of their graduates, show that Dongseo University’s commitment to excellence is continuing to bear fruit. DSU offers its students access to various ongoing government-funded programs, such as the Leaders in INdustry-University Cooperation+ (LINC+), a leading university project for business start-ups; an IPP-type work-study cooperative university project; and a K-Move overseas employment project.
Representatives from the Korea Economic Daily say their publication will continue the evaluation to help high school students choose a university, adding that a university's future employment and start-up opportunities are expected to serve as a major selection criterion for prospective students.
“This is the result of hard work,” said Dongseo University President Jekuk Chang. “I believe that employment and start-ups are the best student welfare these days when youth unemployment is high. I want to thank all the professors and staff for their commitment and determination. Our university will continue to support students for their bright future.”