News 2019 International Service Innovation Design Conference

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2019-08-09 14:48

The 2019 International Service Innovation Design Conference was held at the Design Research & Convergence Center in Yangsan City from July 24 to 30. The conference was run by the DSU BK21 maritime design team and the Asia Future Design Laboratory.

In order to represent the direction of the fourth industrial revolution in the aspect of service design, 30 students from major Asian service design research universities such as Dongseo University, Chonbuk National University, Chosun University, Chiba University (Japan), Taiwan National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), Guangdong University of Technology (China), and Sarawak University, Kuala Lumpur University, Kelantan University, and UiTM (all from Malaysia) as well as more than 100 people from the local design community attended a one-day workshop on "Wayfinding Service Design in Busan."
The theme of the event was “The Direction of Education in the Future of Service Design.” During the event, 35 papers and 10 poster papers on product-service design systems and service design for regional innovation were published.

Lee Kun-Pyo, Dean of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, and Park Ki-Sik, President of the Busan Economic Promotion Agency, gave keynote lectures on, respectively, "Design Education in the Artificial Intelligence Field" and "The Paradigm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Importance of the Manufacturing and Service Industry." The lecturers emphasized the importance of future service design in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution and indicated potential directions the field could take.

"As the Design Research & Convergence Center contributes to regional revitalization by applying service design, it is meaningful that the local hub is utilized rather than locations in Seoul," said Yoon Ju-Hyun, Director of KIDP. "In the future, ISIDC will play a pivotal role in deepening service design. I will do my best to help develop the community by making the conference a key service design event in Asia.”
Also, Chang Ju-Young, a professor at Dongseo University's Asian Future Design Laboratory, said in his opening speech, "As Dongseo University has established a service design department course for the first time in Korea and has led convergence education, we will strive to develop into a service design education hub university in the future and build a successful educational model by closely cooperating with related industries."

This is the first time an international event has been held at the KIDP's Future Design & Convergence Center. The KIDP expects the conference to be a cornerstone for global promotion and for carrying out various activities through collaboration with research and educational institutions.