News 2019 International Youth Leader Exchange Support Project

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2019-10-15 10:18

Dongseo University was selected for the 2019 International Youth Leader Exchange Support Project. The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and the Korea Youth Work Agency; it is designed to enhance global competence by supporting exchanges between international university students, as well as to improve understanding of Korean culture, history and industry among foreign students. Fifteen universities, including Dongseo University, Konkuk University Glocal Campus, Chungnam National University and Hanguk University of Foreign Studies were selected for this year’s program.

Dongseo University ran its 2019 International Youth Leader Exchange Support Project from September 19 to October 10 under the theme of Asian Hub Busan, Dreams of Global Youth. A total of 102 Dongseo University students, 42 Korean students and 60 international students, took part in the program. Students created projects such as “Experiencing the Ecosystem of the High-Tech Industrial Complex and Busan Smart Technology Start-Up in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution”, “Design and Creative Thinking Learning”, “Win-win and Development Through Community Linkage” and “Talking about Busan Movie”.

Project presentations were given on October 10, and “Sasang Restoration” was awarded the Grand Prize of one million won. “Trident, Tradition & Identity” and “Urban Renaissance – World Around the Corner” were each awarded Excellence Awards of 500,000 won. The presentations were judged by Dean of International Affairs Kenneth Hahn; Vice Dean of International Affairs Kim Jung Sun; and Design Professor Kim Dong Hyun. Dean Hahn said, "In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, people with collaboration and communication skills are needed. I am very proud of the students who have participated in various programs and field trips over the past three weeks, such as team-by-team project performance, accommodation history and cultural experience. They have obtained good project results through collaboration and communication."