News The 18th Asian University Presidents Forum Held in Bangladesh

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2019-11-27 16:14

President Jekuk Chang, Dean of International Affairs Kenneth Hahn, and Director of the International Exchange Center Kim Junghee participated in the 18th Asian University Presidents Forum (AUPF) held in Bangladesh. This year’s forum was held on November 23 and 24 at Daffodil International University in the capital city of Dhaka.
The presidents of 36 universities from 13 Asian countries participated in AUPF 2019. The university presidents discussed development plans for Asian universities under the theme of “Future of Entrepreneurship Education and Experiential Learning: Determinants of Developing Successful Entrepreneurial Eco-System in Asian Economies.”
In his comments at the opening ceremony, DSU President Jekuk Chang emphasized the need for new forms of education to develop and realize students’ entrepreneurial and creative abilities in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

Through their active participation in this year’s AUPF, President Chang and his delegation focused on strengthening ties with other Asian universities by expanding international exchanges and cooperation to achieve the global vision of Dongseo University as an “Asia Hub University.”