Dormitory Fee Payment for the Winter Vacation and Dormitory Check-out

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관리자 2017-12-15 15:06

[Dormitory Fee Payment for the Winter Vacation and Dormitory Check-out]

(International House&)


The fall semester of 2017 is soon about to end.

Please refer to the following instructions regarding dormitory fee payment for the winter vacation and dormitory check-out.


  1. Dormitory fee payment for the winter vacation

1.1) Students staying during the vacation period must pay the winter vacation dormitory fees by December 29 (Fri), 2017.

 - International House &, Global Village: 400,000 won

1.2) Students not staying for the entire vacation period may have rates calculated on a daily basis.

 - International House &, Global Village: 6,000 won/day

1.3) Calculations of winter vacation dormitory fees shall begin from December 20 (Wed). However, students who check out by December 24 (Sat) do not need to make any additional dormitory payments.

1.4) Students who do not pay their dormitory fees by December 29 must vacate the dormitory immediately and cannot stay in the dormitory throughout the vacation period.

1.5) Dormitory fee payment forms

- Students in the Korean Language Program Institute of Foreign Language Education

- Students in the Global Studies Institute GSI office on the 7th floor of the GSI Building

- Students in all other courses (undergraduates in Korean-based courses, graduate students, exchange students, and others) International Exchange Center


[Dormitory check-out]

2.1) Students who wish to leave only for the vacation period must visit the security office to fill out the check-out form and submit it to the International Exchange Center 2~3 days before their check-out date. Please make sure to remove all belongings by the check-out date and place them in the dormitory storage office. Dormitory keys must be returned on the check-out date. If any personal belongings remain in the room or if the room key is not returned by the check-out date, the maintenance department will assume that the student is still residing in the dorm and will charge dormitory fees accordingly.

2.2) Students who wish to store belongings in the dormitory storage office must pack their belongings into a maximum of 2 boxes. After leaving the boxes in the storage office, students must collect storage tags from the security office. These tags are needed when collecting the stored boxes from the storage office. Storage office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

2.3) Students permanently vacating the dormitory must visit the security office to fill out the check-out form and submit it to International Exchange Center 2~3 days before the check-out date. After checking out, the dormitory room shall be inspected by the security officer who will then sign the check-out form for the dormitory deposit refund. The dormitory key and bedding set must be returned to the security office on the check-out date. The dormitory deposit refund may be collected only from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays.


* Notice

Graduation is on February 9 (Fri). Students who are graduating, completing a Korean language course or exchange students returning to their home country must check out by February 14 (Wed). If any unavoidable circumstances arise, please visit the International Exchange Center to discuss details regarding the check-out date.


Please visit the International Exchange Center/ GSI for further inquiries.