Detailed Information for Delayed Semester

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관리자 2020-02-10 11:58

First day of school delayed under the Korean government’s policy, the first date of 2020 spring semester is delayed to Monday, March 16 to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus(nCoV). Please note the following changes and prepare for upcoming semester.

First date of spring semester : Mar 16 (Mon)
(* those who needs invoice for international wiring, please request to International Exchcange Center)

Tuition fee payment (as scheduled) : Feb 20 (Thu) ~ Feb 25 (Tue)


  •  International students currently not staying in Korea are recommended to enter DSU between March 11 to 12. ※ If it is not possible to change your entry schedule, please email to International college office (gsi@dongseo.ac.kr).

  • Those who have nCoV symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat) upon departuring must change flight and entry schedule until the symptoms are no longer active.

  • When entering the dormitory, a fever check is required. If you have nCoV symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat), you cannot enter the dormitory.

  • Due to strengthened dormitory management policy, students must pay the dormitory fee within 3 days (including weekends) after entering the room. Please check the nCov infection prevention ways attached and follow the instruction. DSU hopes this situation comes to an end as quickly ans possible and all DSU students could start a new semester with healthy condition.