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Information of Library Rental Service

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Rental & Access

  1. 1. Borrowing Materials

You can borrow general books by taking them to one of the circulation desks, located on the 1st and 3rd floor, and having the library staff processes your books.

 (You cannot borrow books without a Student Card or a temporarily ID)


  1. 2. Number of book that you can borrow and duration

Using member       

Number of books


Faculty members


lecturer and professor

20 books

90 days

Staff, Assistant, Part-time


7 books

14 days


Graduate students

7 books

14 days

Undergraduate students

5 books

14 days


3 books

7 days

Local residents

Member of library

3 books

7 days


Extend the rental period

If you don’t have any reserved or overdue books, you can extend the loan period of a book by 1 week from the original due date by logging in with your individual ID and clicking “연장” at “대출현황” from “ 도서관 홈페이지/도서관 서비스/대출연장/조회”



Returning Materials & Location

  1. 1. Borrowed materials can be return on the 1st floor (see the location)
  2. 2. All reserve materials must be returned to circulation desk
  3. 3. If you have an overdue book, the following rules apply


Action on overdue

If you do not return library materials on time, you will not be allowed to borrow anymore library materials for a certain period. The suspension period will be applied as below.

- Due date * number of overdue book * 2


Even if the overdue materials are returned, you will not be able to borrow any library materials until the period of suspension is over in accordance with the policy.