Facilities at Centum Campus

Floor Information

  • B2F Parking Lot, Electricity/Equipment Room
  • B2F Convention Hall, Chapel, Centum Gallery, Student Cafeteria, Parking Lot, Control Room, Sohyang Musical Center Support Facilities
  • 1F Stage Preparation Facilities, Fitness Center
  • 2F DSU Office of Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts, Film Museum, Film Institute, Sohyang Musical Center
  • 3F DSU Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts Lecture Rooms, Editting Room, Studios, Equipment Room, Library
  • 5F, 6F Office of Department of Film Acting/Musical, Lecture Rooms, Multi-purpose Rooms for Students, Multi-purpose Rooms for Professors, Graduate School Lecture Rooms, Professor Rooms, Lecturer Rooms

Indoor facilities (Convenient facilities)

  • B1F Convention Hall
  • B2F Centum Gallery, Sohyang Musical Theater
  • 1F Subsidiary Facilities
  • 15F, 16F Researchtel
  • Lecture & Projection Room (609)
  • Lecture & Projection Room (608)
  • ADR & Foley Room This room is sound-proof and students can learn and practice how to make audio effects.
  • Editing Room Students can edit the audio effects made in the Foley Room for broadcasting, advertisement or movies by using the Digital Audio Mixer and Protool.
  • Mixing & Preview Room While watching the screen through the projector, students can edit the audio effects and background music by using the Digital Audio Mixer and Protool.
  • Recording Utility Room
  • Shootinglighting Practice Room
  • Shootinglighting Practice Room
  • Editing Labs
  • 12 Editing Labs
  • 3 Sound Editing Labs(3)
  • 1 Converting Room
  • 3 Personal Monitoring Rooms
  • 1 Group Monitoring Rooms
  • 4 Brainstorming Rooms

Production Studio, Editing Studio

  • Audio Production and Editting Studio : This room belongs to the Meida Center, and it is fully equipped with up-to-date tools and equipments for audio production for the lectures and actual performances.
  • Stage Installation Studio : This 116 square-meter room is equipped with tools for the stage installation.
  • Stage Costume Production and Storage Room : Students can make stage costumes and try them on in this 66 square-meter room.
  • Prop Room : Stage props for the performance are kept in this 33 square-meter room

Sohyang Musical Theater

This theater is designed only for the musical and can accommodate 1,074 people.