The digital content industry is emerging to be a core industry that can create high added value. In the creative economy, creativity and imagination can be implanted into ICT to cultivate new industrial markets. In connection with this, a variety of digital contents in the fields of digital gaming, digital video (TV and films), and animation is creating a surge in the demand for high-skill workers. In line with this, the Division of Digital Contents in Dongseo University is committed to fostering professionals in the field of digital contents. We have established an advanced model of education, through which, students participate in industry-university cooperation projects to be on-site professionals.

  • Game TechnologyEducating game planners and game programmers to lead the game industry
  • Game ArtEducating game graphic designers to create the world of games
  • Visual EffectCultivating professionals in the fields of video production, synthesis, and sound effects production
  • 3D AnimationPlanning of 2D and 3D animation and stop motion animation and cultivating specialists in the field