Highly innovative applied science where medicine and basic science are incorporated Biomedical Laboratory Science is an applied study aiming to make contribution to diagnosing and treating diseases by testing and analyzing specimen extracted from human body. Clinical techniques are based on the fundamental science, such as chemistry, microbiology, hematology, immunoserology, histology, cytogenetic, and molecular biology, therefore, we aim to produce medical laboratory professionals by providing students with principles and methods of diagnosis that are grounded on the foundational theories of the fundamental science.

The Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science at Dongseo University has three educational objectives. First, it offers specific courses devoted to training creative and innovative medical technologists meeting international standards. To this end, it has enriched education in information and practical English required for medical industry. Second, it provides thorough education both for classes and research to produce creative talents equipped with professional knowledge of biomedical science as well as capability for research.

Lastly, it endeavors to provide character education so as to turn out all-rounded medical professionals who value the respect for human dignity, sacrifice, and have leadership. The Biomedical Laboratory Science major is designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of settings, including medical institutes, clinical trials centers, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic reagent companies, medical equipment companies, quarantine stations, and public research centers etc. In addition, students can pursue graduate or advanced professional education if they want or become international medical technologists by acquiring international licenses or certificates acknowledged in the health care industry.