The Department of of Biomedical Laboratory Science at Dongseo University was established in 2007, aiming to produce professionals who can keep pace with the rapidly changing health care environment in the 21st century. Biomedical Laboratory Science is a highly innovative laboratory diagnostics to which medical, life science, and chemistry are all incorporated. It is an indispensable area, as it can present scientific data to verify or rule out a certain diagnosis, guide and monitor treatment.

In order to foster global competence of students, the department seeks to provide a stimulating educational environment where creative and enthusiastic students can maximize their capabilities. Top faculty members keep making their utmost effort to prepare high academic standards and offer a well-organized laboratory environment. Moreover, the department aims to develop students leadership qualities required for being successful future leaders, with emphasis on human values and human dignity by offering humanistic education. Field training or overseas training is also supported in order to cultivate students' abilities to effectively respond to rapidly changing trend in the industry. A related graduate school has been established to enhance research capacity, and accordingly research infrastructure will be set up one by one.

Many graduates, who successfully developed their expertise under this academic environment, have realized their dreams by advancing into various prestigious institutions, such as university hospitals, clinical centers, bio-related companies, and public research centers. We have no doubts that they will play a leading role in the global medical field going forward. Those who wish to become the global leaders in the medical laboratory field are all invited to join the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science at Dongseo University. Then you will be the next leaders in the field.

With your young fearless spirits, we hope you realize your wild dreams and ambitions here.