The Graphic Design Program aims to nurture creative design leaders who will make meaningful contributions in the global environment. This mission can be accomplished through achieving the following goals.


  • Develop abilities to study issues of local societies in the global environment and to contribute toward solving problems based on a deep understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Develop abilities to seek creative ways to solve problems, with understanding various media and their applications as a starting point
  • Develop abilities to expand design field and realize new values for improving societies through collaboration with people from various cultural environments with diverse experiences

Theory courses and design studios

Students in this program study and search for creative design process through ‘theory courses’ focused on culture and design and ‘design studios’ focused on six key aspects:

  • Culture and design
  • Typography and editorial design
  • Visual identity design
  • Advertising
  • User experience and service design
  • Convergence design lab
  • Design Degree