Customized Program

International College provides a high-quality customized intensive Korean program. In the credit programs, students may combine any courses from 12 credits to 18 credits per semester (fall and spring, 15 weeks each).

The Program

  • provides four courses every semester (3-hour 2 credits each, total 8 credits)
  • runs for a 15-week academic semester (fall and spring semesters)
  • provides all the courses in three levels: basic, low intermediate, intermediate
  • runs from 1 pm to 4 pm, Monday through Thursday

Courses offered:

  • TBA Korean Listening and Speaking 1, 2 (3-hour 2 credits)
    • helps students improve their Korean speaking and listening through intensive and comprehensive study of vocabulary, grammatical structures, and discourse patterns needed in everyday and academic communication
    • emphasizes strategies for increasing vocabulary
  • TBA Korean Reading and Discussion 1, 2 (3-hour 2 credits)
    • helps students develop practical reading and discussion skills for study, travel and work
    • focuses on topics for in-depth discussion and presentations
    • emphasizes critical thinking skills and creativity
  • TBA Korean Writing 1, 2 (3-hour 2 credits)
    • utilizes procedure and process methods for an accurate production of written work
    • focuses on sentence structure and grammar in order to produce simple, compound and complex sentences in the organization of a simple paragraph progressing to essays
  • TBA Korean for Communication and Culture1, 2 (3-hour 2 credits)
    • helps students develop insight into Korean culture while developing communicative competence
    • explores selected cultural themes in practical and academic situations