Joint Degree program or Joint Education program


Semester Course Lecture Practice Credits
5 Graphic Application 1 : Basic and Intermediate Typography

To establish practical graphic design skills, understanding of typography is essential. Basic and intermediate levels of typography practice will be undertaken in workshops, lectures and discussion groups. Traditional and advanced technologies will be incorporated as part of the design process.

2 4 4
Design Workshop 1 : Branding, Package design

This module is intended to introduce the ways of developing a brand concept. Through a range of projects, students will have the opportunity to explore concepts which stimulate investigation in a specific brand. Students will develop their critical understanding of different approaches to the creative process within their own project.

1 2 2
Conceptual Planning 1 : Conceptual skills, Design theory, Methods

The objective of this course is to introduce students to conceptual skills, design theory, and design methods through lectures, readings, discussions, in-class and extracurricular exercises, writing assignments, and field research concerning a self-defined design project.

2 2 3
Digital Design 1 : Print, Planning, Newspaper

Print advertising is an effective way to sell products and services. Print media advertising is a form of advertising that uses physically printed media, such as magazines and newspapers, to reach consumers, business customers and other buyers. First, it involves search and analysis regarding the client for planning. Second, it involves creating many excellent ideas and making various print productions.

2 2 3
Convergence Design 1 : Convergence Design LAB 1, Eco-Friendly Design studio

This studio course explores conceptual strategies in the development of a design idea, integrating the design and articulation of space, furniture, materials, lighting, display and graphics. Students will explore the redesign of objects and small living spaces to be sustainable and ecologically suitable

1 2 2
Chapel 5 (or) Public Service 5 1 0 1
Character Education and Course Plan 1 1 0 1
6 Graphic Application 2 : Advanced Typography and Editorial Design

This module is intended to develop an in-depth understanding of micro and macro typography. Students should progressively build a series of typography experiments and demonstrate a strong critical point of view within the context of editorial design issues.

2 4 4
Design Workshop 2 : Advanced Branding, Package Design

This module is the culmination of the students’ creative development of visual identities through brand logos, symbols, package designs and designing identity systems in response to a student-generated project brief. Students will be expected to demonstrate a critical understanding and exploration of diverse brand design processes and methods in the development of strong, valid concepts and ideas.

1 2 2
Conceptual Planning 2 : Visualization, User Experience

The objective of this course is to engage students in visualizations of user experience toward identifying problems and opportunities that can be addressed through design. To achieve this goal, students utilize visual-conceptual skills acquired from the class while making visual-spatial artifacts.

2 2 3
Digital Design 2 : multimedia

Multimedia advertising is the process by which a company conducts an advertising campaign for its products or services over multiple media outlets. By using as many outlets as it has at its disposal, a company can effectively reach all of its targeted audience. Multimedia advertising must be executed with the idea of keeping a consistent message across all formats to maximize the exposure to a company's brand.

2 2 3
Convergence Design 2 : convergence design LAB 2, contemporary place-making studio

This Design studio course seeks to address further conceptual principles and to focus on context and contextual issues for place-making. Students will generate design concepts for multi-level program requirements and develop specific design solutions.

1 2 3
Major-related Elective 1 : convergence design LAB 2, contemporary place-making studio 3 0 3
Chapel 6 (or) Public Service 6 1 0 1
Character Education and Course Plan 2 1 0 1
7 Graphic Advancement 1 : Design Degree Project

The objective of this course is that each student develops the final design project for the degree and produces a high quality of design work under the direction of an advisor or advisors.

2 4 4
Design Seminar : Design and Culture, Korean design DNA

This course is designed to offer foreign students the opportunity to learn about, and experience, Korean culture via theory and practice. This study is both valuable and unique because it is exclusive to Korea and especially to DSU. This course aims to help foreign students experience and understand Asian-Korean culture through Korean art and design. To achieve this objective, this course provides both theoretical and practical learning processes. Students will search for the identity of Korean design in the context of globalization and localization by studying the history of Korean art and design, and by practicing traditional Korean art.

2 0 2
Design Practical Planning

The objective of this course is to engage students in user experiences and user interface projects that demand user studies and serious investigations of users’ interactions with people, tools, systems, services, and environments through technological mediation.

1 2 2
Moving Image Design : User Experience, Interaction Design 1 2 2
Convergence Design 3 : Convergence Design LAB 3, Topic Studio Place-branding

Completely integrated messages of graphics, environment, and technology can create a new place-branding. Students will explore how abandoned city blocks or small-sized old places can be transformed into a branded environment. This studio course will manifest itself through idea sketches, drawings, models, and/or multi-media presentations.

1 2 2
8 Graphic Advancement 2 : Design Degree Project, Exhibition

The objective of this course is that students exhibit the degree project in an art gallery or museum at the end of the semester. This course parallels “Graphic Advancement 1” for the design exhibition.

2 4 4
Portfolio : Design Degree Project, Exhibition 1 2 2
Design Management : Design for the Future, Imagination, Embodiment

The objective of this course is to engage students in proposing a design project for the future through a story of anticipated user experience and embodiment of a user interface prototype.

2 0 2
Public Design : Service Design

The objective of this course is to engage students in proposing a design project for the future through a story of anticipated user experience and embodiment of a user interface prototype.

2 0 2
Major-related Elective 1 3 0 3

Nine additional credits should be earned by taking Korean language course and / or liberal arts courses.