News Dongseo University Selected for Creative Spaces Construction Project

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2020-05-04 16:32

This year, DSU has been selected as a host university for the ‘2020 Maker-Space Construction and Operation Project’ by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Through this selection, DSU will receive 160 million won per year in funding from the Ministry for the five-year 2020-2024 period. In total, 491 organizations applied to be host institutions in 2020, and 64 including DSU were selected.
The Maker-Space Construction and Operation Project is a project aimed at enabling the building of creative activity spaces for students and the general public. In these spaces, they will be able to share and implement their imaginative ideas and creativity, and to experience localized maker-styled education and activities. In the case of DSU’s Maker-Space specifically, four key strategies in the post-processing and painting fields will be focused on establishing a post-processing and painting special process system; activating on-offline community-based sharing and collaboration space; operating the ‘Gamcheon Culture Village Tourism Product Upgrade Program’; and supporting private-private cooperation start-ups in order to promote the spread of education from university Maker-Spaces through revitalization. In addition, DSU’s Maker-Space will promote projects related to urban regeneration projects in the local Sasang and Saha neighborhoods, as well as operating education programs that can be implemented into actual, on-the-ground projects through maker-based creative convergence programs. It is anticipated that these initiatives will increase the imagination and creativity of beginners in various fields in the local community, contribute to the diffusion of a maker culture in the western parts of Busan, and add impetus to the activation of the local entrepreneurial atmosphere.
Yoon Tae-soo, Director of the new DSU Maker-Space, commented “During this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is through maker-spaces such as DSU’s that the basis of future regional innovation-based growth and the activation of manufacturing start-ups will be established. I expect many prospective entrepreneurs, the public, and students to take full advantage of the opportunities it presents, ultimately transforming it into a 'Da Vinci Lab' that will make great contributions to the spread of maker culture. I will do my best as Director to ensure these goals are achieved.”
Jeong Deo-woon, Director of the DSU Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, added that “This project will make an excellent addition to DSU’s wide range of preexisting start-up support programs, which include initiatives such as the ‘Early Start-up Package Project,’ the ‘Laboratory Specialized Entrepreneurship University Project,’ and the 'Laboratory Start-Up Innovator Training Project.' With the generous government support provided through these projects, DSU is very much worthy of recognition as a hub for start-ups in the southeastern region of Korea.”