News Design and Software Students Achieve International Success at Red Dot Awards

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2020-07-28 23:42

Dongseo University's Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC+) project development team is achieving remarkable success as Convergence Capstone Design students win international design competition awards and have their works chosen for technology transfer and product commercialization.

Dongseo University received international attention when the “Idea Practice” of the Capstone Design course taught by professors Ryu Do-sang and Moon Mi-kyung resulted in Department of Software students and Design College students having six works selected as winners in the 2020 Red Dot Award. Over the past five years, Dongseo University students have had 13 projects selected as winners at Germany’s Red Dot Award, a total that is unmatched not only among Korean universities but also among universities around the world.

The Red Dot Design Award was first held in Berlin, Germany in 1955 and is now the longest-running large-scale design competition in the world. It is one the world's three most prestigious design competitions, along with the iF Design Award, also in Germany, and the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in the United States. For students majoring in design, a win at the Red Dot Award is a highly coveted achievement. In 2020, 6,992 works from 45 countries around the world were exhibited, and 24 of the world's best creators and design experts were selected as judges. Dongseo University students’ remarkable tally of 13 winning works in the past five years is impressive indeed.

The 2020 Red Dot Award-winning works will be introduced to the world in the upcoming Red Dot Brand & Communications Design Yearbook. Each winner is registered as a Red Dot International Member and enjoys exclusive benefits including exchanges with other Red Dot Award winners around the world. This year’s Red Dot Design Award gala show and award-winning work exhibitions are to be held in Berlin; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the dates have not yet been announced.

Below are comments and impressions from the student designers of the award-winning works.


Design College Senior Lee Chan-yang

Theme: Summer Hero Clip for Prevention of Heatstroke

First, I would like to honor God for this win at the Red Dot Design Award. I was saddened that I could not win last year, but I am delighted and grateful to have been selected as a winner this year. As I took on this year’s challenge, I felt that the idea was important, but of even greater importance was how to show the idea. I sincerely thank my team members, and Professors Ryu Do-sang and Moon Mi-kyung, for their hard work.


Design College Senior Noh Ha-rin

Theme: Safe Space for Street Cleaner

The entry into the Red Dot Award, one the world's top three design competitions, really challenged us to face our limitations. As many works from around the world are evaluated before the competition, we worked hard on making more visually effective panels and video that could set the theme clearly and attract attention in a short time. I would like to express my gratitude to my team members, who never gave up in spite of our difficulties, and to our professors, who provided guidance and encouragement.


Design College Junior Kim Hyun-ji

Theme: Voice Sticker for the Blind

Planning and producing “Voice Sticker for the Blind” was a great opportunity to think deeply about what designs make a better environment for people. I am glad that the production was made by collecting opinions from team members Kim Ryong-kyung, Lee Soo-yeon and Ha Su-jeong. Together we were able to create a work that fuses and develops technology beyond simple design.


Department of Software Senior Ryu Hyun-tae

Theme: Frequency-Shield Trekking Pole

As a habit I made notes immediately whenever I felt uncomfortable or had a problem in my daily life. The notes were useful for developing the ideas that I needed as they helped me sympathize with many people. This led to a good result with this product.


Department of Software Junior Song Seong-heon

Theme: Press Recording & Tap Speaking

I had feelings of inadequacy in my Ideation Convergence Practice course, but I made a great effort in discussions and in our respective parts with my team members. As a result, we were able to become a winner in the Red Dot Design Award. I still feel I do not have enough capabilities and I have too many deficiencies, but I think this experience has become a stepping stone for me to develop further.


Department of Software Junior Kim Hyun-tae

Theme: Safety Tail

I thought it would be difficult to have a successful project with other students, but it seems we achieved a good result. For a long time, we worked well together to overcome each other’s shortcomings without losing our passion.