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Graduate (English Track)

Welcome to the Graduate School of Dongseo University!

In the 21st century, companies and universities must increase their competitiveness to survive in the rapidly changing circumstances arising through globalization and informatization. To meet this situation and to lead the change, I believe it is necessary for universities to adapt their education so as to foster high-quality human resources.

The Graduate School of Dongseo University was established in 1996 in the spirit of Christianity with the purpose of researching advanced theories and teaching practical skills. The Graduate School began with just a single major (Electronic Engineering) but has since expanded to currently include 8 master’s programs and 5 doctoral programs.

Our graduate school has a vision to foster the most competitive experts in the world. The research we conduct trains students to be leaders in their fields through combining high-quality education and academic-industrial cooperation.

We invite you to follow the links below to explore the exciting study opportunities available in the Graduate School of Dongseo University.