Grand Prize, Excellence Prize and Encouragement Prize Won at Dynamic Busan UCC Competition

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관리자 2019-02-14 14:18

(From left) Marcus, Liu Tika-edvinas, Vageko Greta, and Vageko Vladislav

Dongseo University students excelled at the Dynamic Busan UCC Competition as they received the Grand Prize (5 million won prize money), the Excellence Prize (3 million), and the Encouragement Prize (2 million) at the award ceremony held on December 24 at Busan City Hall. The contest was organized by the City of Busan to promote the slogan “Dynamic Busan.”
The judges evaluated the entries based on a first screening as well as on views and positive responses that the videos received on YouTube. The Grand Prize was awarded to a team of Dongseo University international students made up of Marcus (from Iceland), Liu Tika-edvinas (Lithuania), Vageko Greta (Lithuania) and Vageko Vladislav (Belarus). The winning team of students are from Lithuania’s Mykolas Romeris University and are currently studying at Dongseo University’s Department of Digital Content as part of their 2+2 dual degree program. Their winning video “Hashtag#Busan” showcases a dynamic and charming image of Busan as seen by young foreigners in such locales as Jagalchi, Gwanganli, Haeundae and Gamcheon Village.
“I wanted to express the beauty of Busan from the point of view of foreigners and young people,” said Marcus. “Drones and other equipment were used to shoot our footage. It was interesting for us to film around the city, and I am so happy to have gotten such a wonderful result. It will be great motivation for us to move toward our dream of becoming video specialists.”
Additionally, the Excellence Prize was awarded to Kim Yong-gwon and his two teammates for their work “Busan’s Da, Da, Da!” and the Encouragement Prize was presented to Yang Jun-beom and his two teammates for their work “Busan! Ahta Jikne.”