News The 2019 Global Korea Scholarship for African and Latin American Undergraduate Students Comes to a Successful Close

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2019-08-20 13:56

The closing ceremony of the 2019 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for African and Latin American Undergraduate Students was held on August 9 at Dongseo University. Seventy-seven undergraduate students from 12 countries in Africa and 12 countries in Latin America successfully completed the five-week full-scholarship program, which covered all of the students’ expenses including airfare, room and board, tuition and insurance.

The 2019 Global Korea Scholarship for African and Latin American Undergraduate Students is one of the GKS programs funded by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) under the Korean Ministry of Education. Four partner universities were selected to operate the scholarship program and invite participating students: Dongseo University in the field of Computer Engineering; Chonnam National University in the field of Material Science and Engineering; Chonbuk National University in the field of Animal Biotechnology; and Kangwon National University in the field of Korean Language & Culture Education. Dongseo University invited 20 scholarship students from 18 universities in 10 Latin American countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Paraguay).

Prior to the closing ceremony, final research presentations were held at Dongseo University on August 8 and 9. Twenty final research presentations were given: five from each of the four partner universities. The 20 teams had prepared their presentations over the course of the five-week program, and the quality of the presentations was remarkable. Four of the 20 presenting teams were selected to receive an excellence award from the president of NIIED. Two teams in particular, one from Dongseo University and one from Chonnam National University, presented their outstanding research projects at the closing ceremony. The winning team from Dongseo University consisted of Ana Veronica Guillen Cordero, Carlos Ivan Ibarra Pacheco, Laura Paola Goyeneche Gomez and Sergio Pablo Dubon Carrillo, and the subject of their final presentation was “Smart Garbage Bin for Optimizing Garbage Collection Routes.”

NIIED President Kim Young-gon offered congratulatory remarks at the closing ceremony.
“I would especially like to express my gratitude to the four partner universities for their wonderful support of the program,” said President Kim. “I would also like to congratulate all the participants on their successful completion of the program, and I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck for your future.”

Dongseo University Dean for International Affairs Kenneth Hahn encouraged the students at the closing ceremony. “I feel like it’s only yesterday that we had our opening ceremony, yet we are already having the closing ceremony today,” said Dean Hahn. “Time really flies and I am sad to see you all go. I believe that you accomplished many things in Korea. Be proud of what you learned and cherish all of your moments in Korea. You just took your first step toward becoming a globally talented person with a deep understanding of Asia. The human network you earned through your experience in Korea will be a very valuable future asset for you.”

Farewell Address: Lalkidan Miheretu (Ethiopia)
Hello, I am from Ethiopia.
I participated in the Korean Language & Culture Education at Kangwon National University starting on July 8.
When I first decided to participate, I was curious to see if I could successfully complete this program while improving my Korean language skills in one month.
But I was confident when I had Korean Practice, Tutoring and Group Program in the first week. I was very excited to learn about Korea and Korean Culture. 
Although it was a short period, these were very precious and meaningful days that we shared together. It was more like fate. All the memories will remain within us. Having difficulties with food, the stairs we climbed up every day, and the cold air conditioner in this hot weather. All of them are precious memories.
I would like to say thank you to the National Institute for International Education and Kangwon National University for giving us an opportunity to come to Korea. Also, I would like to say thank you to the four universities, Kangwon National University, Dongseo University, Chonnam National University, and Chonbuk National University for running this wonderful program for the students.
And last of all, dear friends, I wish you the best luck in your future and let’s all keep in touch.
Thank you.