Dongseo University Grants Scholarships to Two Ukrainian Students

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2022-04-06 12:48

Jekuk Chang, President of Dongseo University, announced on April 4th that the university has provided 40 million won in scholarships to two Ukrainian students suffering from economic difficulties due to the current situation of their home country. President Chang delivered the full amount of tuition and dormitory expenses to Izotov Maksym and Bodnar Diana Anastasia, who are majoring in game technology at the International College.

“My parents in Ukraine were so surprised to hear about this during the current state of war in our country,” Izotov Maksym said. “I can’t say how grateful I am for all the help and consideration I have received from Dongseo University.”

A total of five Ukrainian students are currently studying at Dongseo University. Three of them are language students already on full government scholarships, so now with these two new scholarships all five Ukrainian students will be allowed to pursue their studies without added fears of economic hardships. Dongseo University also plans to provide additional scholarships to two Ukrainian students who are scheduled to study abroad starting from the second semester of this year.

President Chang said, “We would like to give the best help to Ukrainian students who are suffering from the effects of war so that they can finish their studies safely.”