How to Change the Major?

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GSI 2016-02-02 11:03

1. Qualification
    ① Students who are being promoted to sophomore or junior standing.
        ※ Students currently enrolled as a freshman or a sophomore or students being reinstated as a sophomore or a junior in the first semester.
    ② Cumulative grade point average (GPA) is 2.0 or higher.
        ※ Period allowed to change major: Only once during the first semester of sophomore year or the first semester of junior year.

2. Pass Criteria
    ① Students who have completed the career guidance program.
    ② Students who have passed the interview from his/her corresponding major
    ③ If the number of students to be admitted exceed the designated number, students shall be selected according to the order of merit (30% of entrance quota of the corresponding year).

3. Students who are not eligible for application
    ① Students who have received a special admission into the university;
    ② Students who are on a leave of absence (students who will be reinstated after the second semester);
    ③ Transfer students (transfer students may apply on the second semester of the third year (junior year)).

4. Application Procedure
① Submit career guidance form
-> Submit to the counter at the Office of Academic Affairs at Student Service Center on 4th FL of Millennium Hall.
-> Required documents : a copy of student ID card or a copy of resident registration ID card.
② Complete career guidance program
-> Location : to be notified in front of the Student Consultation Center office on 1st FL of International Cooperation Building.
-> Application form for change of major to be issued only for students who have completed the career guidance program.
-> Absentees will be disqualified.
③ Major Interview
-> Interview with advising professor of corresponding major → interview with major to change.
④ Submit Major Change (Transfer) Document
-> Location : counter at the Office of Academic Affairs at Student Service Center on 4th FL of Millennium Hall
-> Documents to submit
· A copy of major change (transfer) application form / a copy of academic transcript (copy for inspection);
· A copy of statement of application purpose for changing department (changing major);
· A copy of confirmation certificate of career guidance to change department (changing major).
⑤ Announcement of Applicants Who Passed
-> Check change of major at student support system > Office of Academic Affairs > personal information
-> If the major has not been changed, it means the student has been disqualified.

5. Notice
① The student shall be disqualified if he/she does not submit his/her student ID or resident registration ID card upon applying for completion of the career guidance program.
② It is impossible to apply other than during the above stated period or under the above stated method.
- Notice will be uploaded at School Homepage every 1st semester.
③ Students who do not attend the career guidance held at Student Consultation Center shall be disqualified.
④ The change of major shall be canceled for students who are deemed failing to meet the qualification of application or has been found of any fraudulent act even after the student’s major has been changed.
※ Inquiries: Office of Academic Affairs 320-2041, 2042