Welcome to the International College Global Business Administration Major!

In pursuit of our vision of the “next generation global business expert”, the International College Global Business Administration (GBA) major has run by dedicated professors. Over the past decade, the Dongseo University Department of Global Business Administration has produced talented students who demonstrate competitive skills not only at a domestic level but also on an international scale. With a decade's worth of knowledge and a new vision, the GBA major has started offering 100% English lectures, an updated curriculum, and a new system. The GBA major is now preparing to turn a new page. We are currently implementing three foundational values into our education and research: Globalization, IT Convergence, and Tradition.

First, globalization. All lectures in the major are conducted in English, and we offer Korean and English language classes to facilitate job opportunities not only in Korea but also in other global countries.

Second, IT convergence. We believe that "IT" is the key to the next generation's business environment. Therefore, we have updated our curriculum to provide more knowledge about data analytics and software skills.

Lastly, tradition. While we anticipate that the next generation's business environment will undergo dramatic changes, traditional business skills remain valid, useful, and fundamental. The major offers a detailed curriculum for students to learn traditional business theories that are harmonized with next-generation skills, such as data science.

We are counting on your participation, encouragement, and support on our journey towards this vision.

Thank you.

Prof. Eun-Mi Lee

Head, Department of Global Business Administration, International College