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The Department of International Studies (DIS) has a unique, all-English curriculum that provides students with a basic grounding in core areas of the social sciences and humanities. Based on an interdisciplinary study of international relations, economics, sociology and globalization, the DIS program revolves around the themes of economic development, human security and cultural identity, while offering regional perspectives on ASEAN, China, India, the European Union and the United States.

The DIS focuses on the skills most necessary for understanding and overcoming the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Logical problem solving, natural language understanding, social and emotional reasoning, creativity and recognition of new patterns and categories for analysis will be the skills necessary to thrive in ambiguous and challenging environments. Therefore, the DIS provides significant training in online research design and data, writing, and presentation skills. With skills learned in the DIS, students will have a head start on the competition for stable employment and long-term success.

DIS graduates work locally, nationally and internationally. Graduates have found employment in the industrial and service sectors in the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. DIS graduates have the ability to find good jobs because they acquire the necessary skills to be highly competitive. We also consider a DIS education an ideal foundation for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in the United States or other foreign countries. DIS professors can offer students plenty of individual guidance in their effort to gain admission into foreign graduate schools.

The DIS aims to create a new generation of leaders, and we strive to make sure each student reaches his or her full academic potential. If you have skills in English and an interest in the world around you, why don’t you join us here in the Department of International Studies?