International College
Computer Engineering

The International College Computer Engineering major aims to nurture highly qualified professionals for the 21st century that are equipped with the creative and hands-on abilities necessary to lead the knowledge information industry of the 21st century such as software development, AI, and Cloud.

Our curriculum will help you build a specialized knowledge of computer engineering that can enhance the quality and external competitiveness of the industry by providing practice-oriented training which reflects the need for human resources in the IT industry.

The required major subjects of the curriculum have been streamlined into six subjects that every student takes. Students may use the electives to explore a broader array of topics in computer engineering by taking additional introductory classes or higher-level classes in different areas. This provides students additional flexibility to build a broader base of knowledge in computer engineering (or related areas) or focus on a more specific topic related to the student's career paths.



Skills that you can learn/develop through completing a Computer Engineering degree

The Computer Engineering major combines theoretical study and practical projects, and graduates will acquire the skills needed to build a career as an innovative and highly-knowledgeable computer engineer, including:

  • programming languages
  • mathematics
  • hardware architecture and construction
  • network design and engineering
  • database design and engineering
  • software engineering


Graduates of the Computer Engineering major will also have more generic skills including:

  • ethics
  • leadership
  • communication and collaboration
  • problem-solving
  • critical thinking
  • time management and organization
  • report writing
  • presentation