The International College Computer Engineering major aims to nurture digital talents for the 21st century that are equipped with creative and hands-on abilities necessary to lead knowledge information industry of the 21st century such as network, internet, and multimedia business. 

In accordance with the IT field specialization policy of the University, computer engineering fosters practical workforce specialized in IT that can enhance quality and external competitiveness of the industry by providing practice-oriented training which reflects the need of human resources in the IT industry.

The Computer Engineering major curriculum includes a variety of subjects aiming to prepare and cultivate professionals in nearly every sphere of IT fields. Courses on Programming and Mobile Server train new technology talents of mobile computing devices known as smart phone; Information Security and Programming course introduces students with white hacking – the guardians of latest networking technology and information security are cultivated here; Software Development classes are to train software development programmers suitable for diversified platform types. In order to train professionals in the field of IoT of Hyper Connected Society where things and humans are connected via network, and to foster talents of the latest computer applied technology such as cloud computing and big data processing, computer Engineering major suggests course on Database, Advanced programming, Wide-area Network Design, Artificial Intelligence, Software Convergence, and other supportive subjects which help to boost students’ logical, analytical and creative skills.