We welcome you to the C.S.I. International College Computer Engineering (ICCE) Major at Dongseo University, where C.S.I. program is pushed ahead. Our major is equipped with the best facilities and faculties, and its competitiveness has been proven by becoming a recipient of various financially supported projects led by the government.

The C.S.I. ICCE Major aims to foster international and hands-on professionals who have creative problem-solving ability as well as excellent communication skills. The ICCE is made up of three different fields of technology: Computer Engineering (C), Software Engineering (S), and Information & communication (I). In addition, C.S.I. also indicates Convergence, Smart Software and Intelligence Network, in each specialized area.

Digital convergence comprehensively covers the convergence of information such as voice, data and image; the convergence of network such as broadcasting, telecommunication and internet; and creation of new types of products and services where telecommunication, electronic devices and computers are converged with each other. When existing broadcasting/media, automobile, mechanic device, finance, healthcare industries are converged with IT, they can evolve into diverse promising business such as DMB, telematics, intelligent robot, mobile banking, U-healthcare, etc.

Changes in the IT industry, starting from iPhone, Apple's flagship smart phone, have moved the center of IT from hardware to software. People now choose IT products not by hardware specification but by smart software types they can easily use.

Currently IT is breaking away from existing hardware oriented technology development. Instead, it requires convergence with various industries, smart software technology development as well as intelligence network & information security core technology development. At the center of this change of IT industry, there is the C.S.I. ICCE Major at DSU.

We hope you will grow to become a core leader representing the smart era with our division and we expect to see the next Steve Jobs at DSU.

Thank you.

Young Sil Lee
Head of the International College Computer Engineering