Research Groups

We established a world class institute, the Institute of Ambient Intelligence Center, based on the cooperative relationship with InI Graphicsnet Foundation which forms cooperative ties with research institutes, universities, R&D centers, companies and industrial forums in Europe, USA, Asia including German Fraunhoffer IGD to develop core elements of next ubiquitous environmental technologies and focus on next generation core technology which can make harmony between human and environment on the basis of computer graphics technology.

In IAI, along with about 20 researchers with advanced degrees, German researchers are participating in development of new technology and system. Collaborating with German InI Graphicsnet, an institute which support technology transfer in the fields of virtual reality and computer graphics and research power, IAI has its final goal of obtaining international patents through unique technology and system development so as to enhance added value of related industries.

Equipment Utilization

We secure high end cutting edge tools, materials and pilot production equipment necessary for ubiquitous computer graphics application and possess operating system strengthened with specialization and connectivity to solve small and medium-sized companies' bottleneck techniques and build infrastructure for leading technology evelopment.

Information Distribution

We systematically create a data base of ubiquitous computer graphics related technology information (new technology, retaining technology within the center, joint research deliverables, technology trends, industrial property right, manpower etc.) to deliver information meeting industry's requirements swiftly and accurately.

Joint Research

We help application industry entities of ubiquitous computer graphics application solve bottleneck technique issues and support technology innovation. We also perform joint research between industry, academy and research institutes for start-up of related venture companies and conduct advanced research on next generation cutting-edge core technology.

Start-Up Assistance

We aim at invigorating regional economy, spreading industry technology basics as well as strengthening national competitiveness by providing venture companies, small and medium-sized companies, and new technology entrepreneurs with practical start-up assistance including space, equipment, management, patent application, investment arrangement, thereby enhancing the success rate of start-ups.

Education and Training

We offer a venue of training and also offer personnel working in the industry with training to enhance the ability of operating cutting edge equipment and developing new technology.

Overseas Network

MMU, Beijing Institute of Technology, Polytech, Waseda University, Kyushu Art University, Digital Hollywood, Segs Institute, Shanghai Multimedia Institute, CoCo, newTek, nDL, SCE, CapCom, Instra, Cradle, Malasia Telecom.