DGEP aims to integrate basic and advanced academic language skills into a practical and usable language framework.

Reformation of the current DGEP curriculum based on core competence

Reinforcement of the current DGEP program by establishing classes that integrate cultural awareness and understanding. Leveling classes which target effective instruction to meet individual student needs

Speech Contest & Presentation Contest Scheduling regular speech and presentation contests to motivate DGEP students to enhance personal skills in “Speech and Presentation”

Building up a management system aimed at internally stabilizing a standard of quality in DGEP education

Holding a seminar to improve teaching skills based on research and feedback; sharing opinions from DGEP students 

  1. Conducting a survey targeting DGEP students per semester
  2. Supporting reference books related to the improvement of teaching skills

Development of a guidebook outlining English skills and core competence-oriented performance achievement

Expansion of the mentoring program

    1. Implementation of a mentoring program that reinforces learning motivation and student/professor cohesiveness.
    2. Team spirit Mentoring
    3. Growth Mindset Program

Establishing a reading club which focuses on DGEP students; in order to reduce
     any information lapse in transitioning back to majors

Building up a network with International and domestic students.

Encouraging DGEP students to join IC international programs.

  1. Bring a global mindset and world-view to the classroom
  2. One-day Trips
  3.  International Culture Night
  4. Student Club Activities

Reinforcement in DGEP Summer Camp

  1. Reinforcement in the local culture immersion program and Introduction of home-stay programs aimed at building up the local network
  2. Developing fusion experience programs blending culture and industry
  3. Developing joint projects between DGEP students and local students

Expanding a well-balanced selection of DGEP students by department

Promotion on DGEP via DSU website