John Breedlove

The DGEP is a great program that will enrich your life. As your future unfolds through the discovery of the English language, your confidence to succeed in this global world will be assured. Confidence, competence, and success are the primary goals of DGEP. We are happy that you are with us.

Craig Simpson

It is a great privilege to welcome you to the Dongseo Global English Program and I’m sincerely looking forward to helping you succeed in your educational endeavors. Through the Dongseo Global English program you will not only improve your English communication proficiency, but will also develop your presentation, debate, and leadership skills. I firmly believe that this program will help you to achieve your future goals and become leaders in the global community.

Paula O'Neil

Even though I have worked at DSU for 9 years, this has been my first year in the Global English Program. However, it hasn’t felt like two semesters because time felt like it flew this year. I am so proud of everybody; both students and teachers, for what they have accomplished this year. It was a year of learning for everybody, particularly because we have a whole new team of teachers. This group of graduates has earned a special place in your future endeavors and may you always remember the valuable lessons you learned this year.