Graduation Requirement

Graduation Project & Thesis(Download Thesis Form  )

According to the D.U.S.R.(Dongseo University School Regulation) article 34, it is compulsory to pass a graduation comprehensive examination for the graduating students.

① A graduation comprehensive examination is composed of computer and major courses that students must pass the all the sectors of examination.

② According to the Detail D.U.S.R. (Dongseo University Detailed Enforcement Regulations on School Regulation) article 68(3), a computer related course examination shall be held by department that satisfies the major characteristics.

③ Students choose three major courses from the courses they have already completed. The examination is held in senior 2nd semester and they should get over average score of 60 and over 40 for each class examination to pass.

④ A major courses examination can be substituted by a graduation thesis. Conditions for a graduation thesis are follow

1. Students who want substitute examination to graduation thesis should deliver application form to I.C. administration office in senior 1st semester opening month via notice on I.C. homepage(March/September).

2. Students can write graduation thesis individually or by team, and maximum team member is 3.

3. The M.C.S.C.(Major Curriculum Steering Committee) allocates thesis advisory professor by graduation thesis application form, and advisory professor advises thesis writing and research ethics.

4. Graduation thesis form has over 50 pages with A4 paper size, font size 12 and line-margin 1.5. However, the M.C.S.C. can decide the form on each semester.

5. In each semester, the M.C.S.C. commissions graduation thesis judging panel. Number of the panel member should be more than 2 full-time professor including advisory professor of graduation thesis.

6. Pass cut line is above C grade for all member of the judging panel.

7. The final result report of graduation thesis should be delivered to the academic affairs office until the end month of semester.

8. In principle, graduating students should have graduation thesis open presentation before submit. If there are violation of research ethics such as plagiarism, the graduation paper becomes invalid and graduation is postponed.

9. In case graduation thesis is failed by judging panel, the M.C.S.C. can decide to giving extra dates for additional chance.


Field Study

According to the D.U.S.R. article 93 and the detailed enforcement regulations of field study, the department graduating students should complete field study.

Field study recognition scope

A scope of field study of the department is below. However, the M.C.S.C. can approve exceptions

1. At least 32hours of field education and training at domestic / international corporations, government organizations, non-government organizations and others related to student’s major and supported by the Dongseo University Field Study Support Center.

2. Students who have over 32 hours participating on research societies, contests, symposiums, and other major related research activities that are approved by the advisory professor as a field study time.


Exceptional recognition cases

1. A student who has performed industry related projects with 32hours activity certification at a related organization, and has approval by advisory professor and the major chair professor.

2. A student who has over 32hours field trip experiences to foreign universities or domestic / international corporations that are not certified by the Dongseo University Field Study Support Center, and has field study consideration approval by field trip lead professor and the department chair professor.

3. A student who is a member of entrepreneurship club and has approval of advisory professor and the department chair professor

4. A student who is a member of a team that has prize certification for a contest or a symposium and the approval of advisory professor and the department chair professor.