Research Group

The International College Business Administration has two research groups for knowledge that supports regular curriculum. Each group is opened for Business Administration major students who has interests for each research criteria.
1. Management Science
  • ■ Professor: HyunJin, Yeo (
  • ■ Research Criteria: Data Science, Financial Data Analytic, New technology
  • ■ Overview
  • The management science research society is maden for students having interests to learn data analytics. The advisory professor and students meet byweekly and share research subject knowledge. Although the society has research criteria, there are special lectures, consensus, and even time for watching subject related movie. Students can learn and share practical knowledges that are hard to get from regular curriculum.
2. Marketing Strategy
■ Professor: EunMi, Lee (
■ Research Criteria: Consumer behavior, Internet and Social media Marketing, Brand Management, Social Marketing
■ Overview
Marketing strategy research group is focused on helping students become a strategic marketer, so that they are able to think strategically about marketing issues and understand how to create and execute marketing plans that will build strong and sustainable business. Student will prepare a “marketing strategy plan” that is related to current marketing issues. Marketing strategy research group will encourage students to voluntarily participate in international marketing competition and marketing-related conferences.