UndergraduateGame DevelopmentGraduation Requirement

Graduation Requirement

  1. 1. Objective

1-1. As the concept of Division of Digital contents is transformed into a track (from 2010), the graduation regulations for each track are integrated to form common regulations, and detailed regulations are applied so that the detailed functions at the lower section can be applied correctly.


1-2. The amended graduation regulations aim to empower talented individuals who are able to adapt to changing industrial environments and lead the environment for creative content development, and ensure that the unique ability of individual students is demonstrated.

2. Main Content

2-1. In accordance with the changing contents industry trend, the contents that reflect the specificity of each track and industry-specific education methods in the graduation regulations are divided into three areas such as education, research and development, and industry-university cooperation.


2-2. Considering the purpose of study such as major track, function, industry-university cooperation, employment, etc., students are expected to prepare their own portfolio and at least one graduation project which is going to be evaluated.


2-3. Composition of Graduation Assessment Committee

a. In order to establish and implement the correct graduation regulations, a graduation assessment committee shall be established for each year to promote graduation assessment work.

b. Graduation Assessment Chairperson: The IC(International College) responsible professor approved by the Dean shall appoint one of the graduation assessment committee members as the graduation assessment committee chairperson and promote the assessment work in accordance with the regulations. (Track 'graduation assessment committee' can not be concluded)

c. Graduation Assessment Committee: One representative professor will be selected on the track to ensure that the graduation work of the policy fiduciary and prospective graduates of the track can be carried out smoothly.

d. Representative Graduates: One representative of each prospective graduate by track should be selected and recommended by the track professor so that graduation work (communication, preparation, progress, etc.) can be supported.

e. Administrative Officer: The designated administrative assistant will assist the administrative process necessary for the graduation of the prospective student in accordance with the decision of the Graduation Assessment Committee.

   2-4. Graduation Project Area Description Table.


Detail Area

Detail Area Definition

How to participate

Project Decision

Organize member


University cooperation


University cooperation


Cooperation or joint development under the supervision of industry and development and progress of the project with the purpose of commercialization.

Presenting project plans including synopsis, scenarios, storyboards, game design, animatics, and more.

Approval of graduation Assessment Committee after project presentation on each track.

No limit on the number of students (approve through portfolio review).




Development and progress of the projects necessary to contribute to the improvement potential of the majors and to contribute to the growth potential as a special purpose project with clear objective of strategic value for development of track and detail major.

Approval of graduation assessment committee after presentation of prospective graduates.

Three or less (requires a major base configuration plan).

Graduation Project

Graduation Project that are unique and have a connection to academic value or entrepreneurship.


Graduation Thesis

A Study on the Development of Converging major and New Media Contents.

Submission and presentation of the prototypes or learning 

issues that have been developed in an academic presentation format.

Approval of graduation assessment committee 

after presentation of prospective graduates.

Individual and 

team formation.


· Coordination of contradictions in accordance with the topics and exceptions in special cases, and deliberation and coordination by the 'Graduation Assessment Committee'

Individuals and Teams

3. Notice of graduation and announcement

3-1. Graduates will have a briefing session as an Artist and Technician: based on the five skill unit classification methods such as Basic, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Program step.

4. Preparatory process for applying for graduation

4-1. Prospective graduates must apply for graduation at least one year prior to the expected date of graduation in accordance with the rules outlined below.

※ Application example: Graduation in February 2020, apply before February 2019 / Graduation in August 2021, apply before August 2020.

4-2. Prior review contents of graduation work application qualification

       ※ Refer to <Figure 1 Procedure> when applying

① Meet the basic academic skills for games, animation, and vfx according to the subject of the course (more than 4 semesters major studies).

② Specific major setting: If your major exists in the relevant industry group and your approval is decided by your advisor.

       ※ www.ourttm.com > Profile, Human Resource, used to self-management writing and  advisor interview

③ Portfolio composition: Resume, Structure, Game Design/Game Architecture Document, Demo reel, etc. can be submitted in writing, published online and presented.

       ※ www.ourttm.com> Portfolio preparation and interview with professor.

④ Graduation work plan: Submit synopsis, scenario, storyboard, game design, animatics, etc. in written form, online posting and presentation.

⑤ Progress and final contents Published online at: www.ourttm.com

   4-3. Exception

① Students who can not attend the graduation work for more than one year due to health problem or with committee's approval, may be eligible for graduation if they satisfy the work and thesis conditions set by the committee.

② Other exceptional situation (competition, dissertation) not mentioned in this document, the agreement of the committee can decide either to graduate prospective graduates.