Creative Arts Studios

A learning ecosystem based on the production pipeline, including ChromaKey, Sound Recording, and Animation Studio, is located at Creative Arts Studios in the University-Industry Foundation.

CAS - Sound Recording Studio (101)

Professor : Minju Kim
- Research Areas :Sound Recording (ADR, Foley), Sound Editing, Design and Mixing
- Student Leader :N/A

● Overview : Sound post production is the creation and manipulation of sounds that is synchronized with moving pictures. This includes, but is often distinguished from Production Audio, which is the audio recorded as filming/shooting occurs. Most other aspects of audio for moving picture occur during the Post Production phase, or everything done after filming/shooting.
This lab focus on the post production phase to enable students to re-record dialogue over the scene.(ADR) and record voiceover and foley.
The students can recreate and re-record when the sound wasn't captured well enough on set.

● Method of operation : Extracurricular program. Students can participate and work on recording sounds after class. Need to talk with Prof. Minju Kim for participation.

- Email: kxxhz@dongseo.ac.kr

Research Areas :Sound Recording
Lab Activities Study Details
Recording voiceovers
Re-Record Dialogue for ADR
Recording Foley
Monitoring and Adjusting Sound projects
Typical Equipment Setups in Studio
Digital Recording Signalflow
Pro Tools Operation for Recording
Sound Post Production Workflow

CAS – Project Incubator (103)

Professor : Hong-Sik Pak / Sunghoon Cho / Thomas Humpal
- Research Areas : Film and Animation Project Incubating, Tracking, Trouble-shooting, Firming and Completing
- Student Leader :N/A

● Overview : This lab is designed for students' film and animation projects which need to improve better. Students can apply to check in and have a lot of chance to talk with Professors. Professors keep eyes on students' project and check if their project is moving forward properly.
Creating film and animation faces commonly unexpected problems. Students can discuss and make a solution with Professors. It provides students the chance to know how to develop and clear any obstacles to overcome. This lab will help students to obtain practical knowledge while making a solution and completing the project.
● Method of operation : Extracurricular program. Students can apply to use this lab for project development and intensive trouble-shooting after class. Need to talk with Prof. Sunghoon Cho for check in.

- Email: mattcho@dongseo.ac.kr

Research Areas : Film and Animation Project Incubating, Tracking, Trouble-shooting & Completing
Lab Activities Study Details
Project Developing and incubating
Tracking the process
Question, Answer and discussion
Qualitative Research
Intensive discussion of creative ideas
Directing and Producing
Finding a solution to a problem.
Filming and completing projects

CAS – Animation & Motion Capture Studio (105)

Professor : Choi, Donghyuk / Qu-Lin
- Research Areas : Animation, Motion Capture

● Overview : The demand for digital contents using motion capture technique is increasing. In particular, high-tech technologies that can operate human characters in virtual reality space using motion capture systems are being utilized in movies, games, animations, educational contents, and new media. Students can help them produce video content faster and more efficiently with advanced technology using the Motion Capture system installed in Animation & Motion Capture Studio.

● Method of operation : Extracurricular program. Students can participate and work on creating motion capture after class. Need to talk with Prof. Qu-Lin and Prof. Choi, Donghyuk for participation.

-Email: artistar@gdsu.dongseo.ac.kr

Research Areas : Animation and Motion Capture
Lab Activities Study Details
Camera arrangement
Adding Markers
Acting in motion capture studio
Applying to 3D Characters
Learn about motion capture
Extracting motion capture data
Problem Solving
Applying to projects

CAS – Chroma Key Studio (106)

Professor : Yoon, Guhee
- Research Areas : Cinematography (Visual Storytelling & Camera Movement), Lighting (Light for VFX Composition)
- Student Leader : N/A

● Overview : Contemporary Filmmaking uses innumerable VFX to expand the imagination of storytelling. To keep up with this trend, a variety of works related to shooting and lighting in the Chroma Key Studio, which is the basis of work for computer graphics, are absolutely necessary. Students will have an understanding and experience of the actual work process through theory lessons and practice in the Chroma Key Studio. Through these studio exercises, students acquire practical skills that can be applied directly to industrial field and job competitiveness.

● Method of operation : Each lesson combines theory and practice in the Chroma Key Studio together. By setting various conditions and situations in the Chroma Key Studio, students will learn specific visualization methods. After class, the opportunity to test their own work at the Chroma Key Studio will be offered to students.

-Email : yoon92@dongseo.ac.kr

Research Areas : Chroma Key Studio
Studio Activities Study Details
Shooting Practice for VFX
Lighting Control for VFX
Workshop by Students After Class
Question and Answer related with Cinematography
Matte Lighting for Compositing and Noise-Reduction
Tracking Marks & Camera Movement
Luminance Key & Chroma Key
Learning New Technology & New Trend