At Dongseo University’s Graduate School, International College manages three majors, of which the instruction language is English:


- Dept of Business Administration offering MBA and PH.D degrees

- Dept of Visual Contents with Animation, Film and VFX tracks offering MA, MFA, andPH.D degrees 

- Dept of Korean Language Education offering MA degrees.

Dept of Computer Engineering is managed by College of Software Convergence. It offers MSc and PH.D degrees.

Unlike the undergraduate department, these four departments admit both Korean and international students. The curriculum is designed to prepare Korean and international graduates for entering today’s competitive global academic and industry fields. The dedicated faculty and staff of International College help international students in many ways, such as adjusting comfortably to life on campus, excelling academically, setting definite goals, and planning to achieve them.

Why Choose Graduate Programs?

Professional and friendly college for international students

International College’s kind and highly capable staff help international students adjust to campus life in Korea and succeed in their studies.


Advisory system: Dedicated professors

International College assigns each student a dedicated academic advisor who is experienced at working with international students.


Hands-on field-study and internship programs

nternational College offers opportunities for students to develop hands-on experience in research labs in cooperation with industry.


Culture Programs and Clubs

International College offers culture programs and sports, yoga, and mountain hiking clubs for students’ well-being.