Department Chair Sean O’Malley
션 오말리 교수

Experience the DIS

The Department of International Studies is a special place.

The Department of International Studies is a special place. It provides a unique opportunity to study international politics, international economics, sustainability and culture in a challenging and nurturing environment. Being a future-oriented department, the DIS offers a wide range of courses that provide both theoretical understanding and practical know-how. All classes of the DIS are taught in English, by Western professors, in a style similar to American universities. Class sizes in the department are small allowing for a great deal of individual attention and guidance to students. Students who take full advantage of our unique program can truly go where they want to go and be what they want to be.

The DIS is not an English learning department – we are an English using department. Students who join us here are expected to have high-intermediate or advanced skills using English. Our professors are all Western educators who believe that critical thinking and English language skills are the most important tools for a student’s success beyond university.

The DIS aims to create a new generation of 21st century leaders, and we strive to make sure each student reaches his or her full academic potential. If you have skills in English and an interest in the world around you, why don’t you join us here in the Department of International Studies?

~ Sean O’Malley, Department Chair