The 7th Asia Summer Program Welcomes Participants from 42 Universities in 12 Countries

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최고관리자 2018-07-23 09:59

The 7th Asia Summer Program (ASP) is being held at Dongseo University from July 9 to 27. In all, 369 students representing 42 universities from 12 countries are taking part, with 40 visiting professors also participating to offer a total of 37 joint-credit courses during the event. The 12 participating countries include Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. The 42 participating universities include the University of Malaya (Malaysia), Petra Christian University (Indonesia), Josai International University (Japan), Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (China), Singapore University of Social Sciences (Singapore), Bangkok University (Thailand), Daffodil International University (Bangladesh), Bicol University (Philippines), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and Norton University (Cambodia).

Among the visiting professors offering 30-hour courses are Professor Porngam Liamsiriwatana from Thailand’s Naresuan University, who is teaching "Communication Skills in the 21st Century"; Professor Liliek Soelistyo from Indonesia’s Petra Christian University, who is teaching “Asian Soap Operas’; Professor Toshio Goto from the Japan University of Economics, who is teaching “Japanese Civilization & Its Origin in Eastern Asia”; and Professor Chenlu Wu from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China, is teaching “Money, Banking and Financial Markets”. Four professors from Dongseo University are offering one course each including “Cultural Contents Industry and the Korean Wave” and “Korean Cinema in Dialogue with World Cinema”. All the lectures are given in English, and participating students may select up to two courses during the three-week event. Participating students may receive a total of 4 credits after completing the courses.

President Jekuk Chang said, “We will build a close network with Asian universities through the Asia Summer Program and it will help students to understand multiculturalism and improve their global communication skills. Our goal is to foster future global leaders from Asia”.