Interview: App Brings Together Apt. Residents, Administrators, Constructors

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2019-04-12 18:26

Dongseo University alumnus Mr. Kwon Hae-suk, who is Founder and CEO of APTNER, was recently interviewed by The Korea Times.Link:
In his interview, Mr. Kwon explained that an apartment complex interrelates a wide variety of people including residents, construction companies, and local governments. Absence of communication between them can create and exacerbate problems, he said.
This situation led Mr. Kwon and three colleagues to develop the APTNER mobile phone application in September 2017. APTNER is currently being incubated by the Dongseo University Creative Startup Cluster.

"APTNER aims to be a living portal platform, bringing together residents as well as those from management offices, construction firms and local governments," he said. "The app helps all people involved communicate more easily and efficiently, while offering various convenient functions that residents need to live in large housing complexes."
The APTNER app is now used by 490,000 households at 530 apartment complexes nationwide, connecting over 2 million people.