Twenty-two Officials from Camarines Norte State College Visit Dongseo University

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2019-06-27 09:28

A delegation of 22 officials from Camarines Norte State College, a national university in the Philippines, visited Dongseo University on June 18. The delegation included many key representatives of Camarines Norte State College, including President Rusty G. Abanto and Vice President Lilibeth A. Roxas.
President Abanto and his colleagues stressed the importance of cooperation between the two universities, and talks among the leaders addressed possible student and faculty exchanges along with joint research projects. The leaders from both universities vowed to take steps toward launching a practical exchange program in the near future.
The 22 officials from Camarines Norte State College were introduced to some of DSU’s special programs and given a tour of DSU’s educational facilities, including the International College on the main campus and the Centum campus in Haeundae.
On April 5 of this year, at the request of President Abanto, DSU President Jekuk Chang gave a commencement address at Camarines Norte State College’s 27th commencement ceremony.