News 2019 International Service Innovation Design Conference

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2019-07-26 11:31

The 2019 International Service Innovation Design Conference will be held at the Design Research & Convergence Center in Yangsan City from July 24 to 30. The theme of the event is “The Direction of Education in the Future of Service Design.”
This year’s conference will be run by the DSU BK21 maritime design team and the Asia Future Design Laboratory. It will be hosted by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP), the International Service Innovation Design Association, and the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
Ten Asian universities are participating in the event, including Dongseo University (Korea), JNNU (Bangladesh), Chosun University (Korea), Guangdong University of Technology (China), Chiba University (Japan), Taiwan National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan); and four universities from Malaysia: Sarawak University, Kuala Lumpur University, Kelantan University, and UiTM. The participating institutions are all member universities of the International Service Innovation Design Association.
The goal of the event is to foster a creative atmosphere for professors and students to find new ways of providing service design education. Professors from the participating universities will share methodologies and materials and will discuss in depth the future direction of service design education. Likewise, participating students will share the service design training methods they have learned. The service design academic conference is expected to play an important role in presenting direction and methodology for future service design research in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution. To better achieve these objectives, the conference will henceforth be held annually instead of every two years.