News Latin American Students to Learn Specialized ICT Technology at Dongseo University

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2019-07-26 11:29

The 2019 GKS Latin American Undergraduate Student Program opening ceremony was held on July 8 in the International Seminar Room of Dongseo University’s Minseok Library. In attendance were the 20 participating students, who have come from 18 universities in 10 Latin American countries. The students looked excited to be taking part in the program, even though they had just flown 20,000 kilometers, or halfway around the world, to come to Korea.

The students enrolled in the program have come from Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Paraguay. They will study advanced technology at DSU for five weeks, from July 8 to August 9. In addition to studying specialized technology, the students will experience Korean history and culture as they take time off their intensive program to tour Busan, Gyeongju and Gimhae.

The GKS Latin American Undergraduate Student Program is funded by the Korean government, which covers all of the students’ expenses including airfare, room and board, tuition and insurance. Owing to its specialization in technology fields, Dongseo University was selected by the government to train the Latin American students in advanced ICT convergence. The training program’s main tasks are Raspberry Pi & IoT, Digital Forensics, Image Processing and Interactive Media Arts, and AI. Professors Lee Hoo-jae, Lee Byung-gook, Kang Dae-Ki, Lee Suk-ho, Lee Young-sil and Elena Tsomko will give lectures on ICT convergence. The students, who in their home countries major in computer engineering, contents engineering or digital/media design, have all enrolled in the program to better prepare for the rise of the fourth industrial revolution: the connection and convergence technology revolution.

Dean of International Affairs Kenneth Hahn welcomed the students at the opening ceremony. “This training course will be a great opportunity for you to have new experiences,” said Professor Hahn. “Dongseo University is specialized in ICT. I hope you can learn a lot from our distinguished professors and mentors.”

Andre Nadal Rodrigues of Federal University of ABC, Brazil, said, “I’m really excited to learn about today’s very important areas such as AI and IoT. I am looking forward to the wonderful things I will experience in Busan, a big port city, and I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Diana Solis Perez of Ibero-American University Puebla, Mexico, said, “Korea is one of the most well-known places for ICT convergence, so I am very happy to have this opportunity to learn here. I want to learn a lot to improve my career in my home country of Mexico.”