Architecture Engineering
Cultivating Architectural Engineers with Engineering Expertise through Busan's Premier Global Standard Architectural Engineering Education

Architectural Engineering: Nurturing Experts for Future Architecture

Architectural engineering encompasses a practical study that spans various domains, including building planning, design, structure and construction, environment and facilities, as well as economics and management. The ultimate aim is to create more comfortable and artistically pleasing spaces for humanity.

In this major, we envision the cultivation of international architectural engineers with genuine character, capable of spearheading advancements in the architectural field amid the globalized landscape of architecture. To realize this vision, we offer Busan's premier global standard architectural engineering education, geared towards "achieving the dream of future architecture." Our educational goal is to "nurture experts."

To achieve this objective, we employ a comprehensive approach, combining in-depth theoretical and practical education across specialized fields with forward-thinking construction IT education. This commitment to continuous educational innovation ensures our students are well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the architectural industry.

Department Talent Award

Just In Time talent with specialized architectural engineering capabilities

A talent with a creative mindset and practical skills in architectural practice.

A talent with a global perspective and the ability to converge on a global scale.

Related qualifications


Architectural structural engineer, architectural machinery equipment engineer, architectural construction engineer, architectural quality testing engineer, urban planning engineer, landscaping engineer.

knight level

Architecture (industry) engineer, construction safety (industry) engineer, interior architecture (industry) engineer, building equipment (industry) engineer, concrete (industry) engineer, construction material testing (industry) engineer


Architect, real estate agent, auto CAD, cultural property repair technician

Career after graduation

Individual license business (after obtaining various engineers, architects, and certified real estate agents), technical public officials, educational public officials (completed teaching positions), state-run enterprises (various construction companies), construction companies, various engineering companies, building materials companies, interior design companies, remodeling companies, and supervision companies. Construction project managers, real estate and architectural planning consultants, construction-related research institute facility maintenance companies, safety diagnosis companies, repair and reinforcement companies, landscaping companies, construction IT-related companies