Dept. of Busine Administration

Department of Business Administration that responds to the rapidly changing era of internationalization

The Department of Business Administration was newly established in 1995, with a renewed focus on recruiting creative business talent with an emphasis on Asia in 2018. To facilitate more adaptable training, the department underwent a name change to the Department of Global Management.

By consolidating two majors, originally divided into Global Finance and Business Administration, it transitioned into a single major - Business Administration. In 2020, the Business Administration major was further subdivided into two distinct majors: Business Administration and Accounting and Taxation.

The Department of Business Administration equips students with essential business communication skills, practical management capabilities, management analysis skills, creative planning expertise, and global business proficiency. Through a variety of educational courses and internationalization programs, our aim is to nurture outstanding global talent.

Undergraduate education goals

Linkage between the university’s four major strategies (specialization, globalization, industry-university cooperation, and informatization) and the undergraduate development strategy

Cultivating professional managers with practical skills to meet the information society

Building thinking skills through cultivating management specialized knowledge

Entrepreneurship through industry-academic cooperation education, R&BD (Research&Business Development)

An international manager who accepts a wide range of cultures with an international sense

Cultivation of creative knowledge and active leadership

Undergraduate development course

1994~1995 4 new majors related to business administration established
1996~1998 Switch to undergraduate system
1999~2005 e-Business Specialized Faculty System
2006~2019 School of Business Administration Global Business School System
2020~ Department of Global Management, two majors system